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It´s time to think about how to take advantage of the long summer holidays. At The Brunel Centre we have been sending our students to English summer camps and courses for over 20 years. We have work with the same companies for many years and know that our students will benefit from this time abroad, not only on an academic level but also a personal one.


The benefits of being immersed in another language and culture are numerous. Here are some things we see in our students when they come back from an experience abroad:

-improved LEVEL in English especially listening and speaking

-improved social skills

-better understanding of other cultures and lifestyles

-improved self-confidence

-increased positivity and interest to continue studying the language

(it´s not just another subject at school anymore!)


There is a large variety place to go and activities to do depending on the age, experience and budget. We can help you at The Brunel Centre to choose the right experience that will fit the student´s profile.

The range of experiences and activities is wide and not just the typical summer camp or classes that we´ve all heard about. There is:

-Immersion – time living with a family

-Boarding schools with classes and day trips

-Mix of immersion with family and morning classes with trips

-Camps with specific sports or artistic activities with classes                                                                                                       (surfing, equestrian – horse-riding, tennis, football, dance, drama…)

-Experience on a farm or volunteering

-Summer camps with kids with general activities (many children are native English speakers)

There are many countries to choose from as well. Due to proximity, the majority are in England and Ireland but there are some as far as Canada or as close as ¨La Costa Blanca¨.


Because of their high standards, good reputation and personal approach, we have been working for years with both Sheffield and Top Talk (PGL camps). Their camps and courses and other experiences help our students improve their English level as well as enrich them personally. If you would like a catalogue or more information, please let us know at The Brunel Centre, we will be happy to help you.




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